That’s a wrap for Studio Al Fankoosh

Dear colleagues, partners, friends, and everyone that was a part of the Fankoosh Family, we’ve arrived at the end of the Fankoosh adventure.

Although we are doing well when it comes to performance and traction, it seems that our product has pivoted one pivot too much, and is now causing us concern when it comes to the nature of the service we are offering to our users.

You can read more about this issue in detail in the post our founder has published on Linkedin here.

In the meantime, instead of focusing on the news itself, we’d like to celebrate the many wins and the amazing roller coaster ride that was Fankoosh.

We’ve started in July 2021, and the past two years have been nothing short of amazing, where:

  • We hit 1M monthly unique users, with completely organic acquisition, and retention numbers that -if we may say- off the roof!
  • We built a team of 20+ contributors from editors, writers and technical teams that led on building the project from scratch
  • We’ve built one of the finest native RTL properties on the web (if not the best), combining content and publishing, an expanded social network and forums section, and a gamified experience for all users
  • We’ve finalized an excellent pre-seed round with $250k in funding from individual investors committed to growing the Arabic content space
  • We’ve taken part of fantastic accelerator programs that have helped us validate our business and further grow with their support and mentorship. Thank you Founder Institute, Endeavor Lebanon and EBRD’s Star Venture program
  • And many more wins along the way

But the biggest win of all was the love of Arabic internet users, they were what made everything possible, and we could have not done it without the fantastic community that found its way to us, and in a sense led to our success.

Thank you to our investors, partners, amazing team, friends and family for all the support you’ve given Fankoosh in this amazing adventure, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Grateful for everything we’ve experienced, and excited for what’s to come.